RR Prime




English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil Drama Thriller

Mentally stable and normal person is labelled as abnormal/psycho due to which, person becomes abnormal and emotionally unstable. Despite of various labels and stress, person tries to be good, do good and teach good for the betterment of all creatures and creations.

"Mark" is a 2022 social message oriented psychological thriller short film in 5 languages namely, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English is made by Vinay Kumar V Nayak also known as Dr. Vinay Kumar V Nayak, made under "Sparsha Creations", to be released worldwide on rrprime.com.

Film stars Vinay Kumar V Nayak himself as the only character i.e., with solo act, for which Camera, Music, Lyrics, BGM, Effects, Editing, Story, Screenplay, Production, Dialogue, Direction etc., is done by Vinay Kumar V Nayak himself.